We kindly encourage you to launch the e-INVOICE service. This will enable you to receive by e-mail invoices in PDF format, with transport and all other documents and correspondence related to the implementation of contracts.


Customers who would like to use e-INVOICE are asked to complete the form – statement. By completing and submitting the form, you agree to receive invoices in electronic form, together with shipping documents and any other letters and correspondence related to the implementation of contracts.


The buyer declares that he allows the electronic sending of invoices issued by the exhibitor in accordance with applicable regulations, in PDF format, together with transport documents and all other letters and correspondence related to the implementation of contracts / invoices. The Exhibitor undertakes to send electronically, in PDF format, invoices and all other correspondence related to the performance of the contract. Corrective invoices and duplicate invoices will be issued and sent electronically in PDF format.


The Exhibitor declares that invoices will be sent from the following e-mail addresses: faktury@enpire.pl or another email address from the domain @ enpire.pl
The buyer declares that the e-mail address appropriate for sending invoices is the e-mail address indicated in the form:



The Buyer declares that he undertakes to send confirmation of receipt of invoices by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated in § 2. The side of this declaration undertake at least three days before changing the data specified in § 2 to inform the other party by e-mail.


The buyer and issuer of invoices undertake to store copies of invoices in paper or electronic form until the expiry of the limitation period for tax obligations.


In the case of withdrawal by the buyer of the permit referred to in § 1, the issuer shall lose the right to issue invoices in PDF form and to send them electronically within 14 days from the day after the day on which he received a notification from the buyer about the withdrawal of the permit. The permit may be withdrawn in writing or electronically. Information on withdrawal of the permit should be sent to the e-mail address invoice@enpire.pl or via traditional mail to the address of the invoice issuer.

Recipient of the invoice / Buyer: