Forms of services in maritime transport in ENPIRE:

FCL Container Sea Transport (Full Container Load)

This is a full container transport where container is used only by one customer. This is a very popular form in the case larger loads or non-palletized loads. The customer using this form of transport it is usually handled comprehensively, starting from loading in eg China through a warehouse reloading (depending on the need), up to delivery to the final recipient.

LCL Container Sea Transport (Less Container Load)

This is transport where in one container loads of several customers are transported. It is a convenient and cheaper, although longer time transport option intercontinental for small shipments, ranging from cardboard to several pallet pallets. The cost of such transport depends on the weight and volume of the transported goods. After unpacking such a container, the goods reach the indicated recipient.

Bulk transport by sea

A form of transport ideal for dry bulk materials such ascoal or cereals. They are also used to transport semi-mass loads, i.e. sheetsin circles, paper in rolls or rails. The bulk carriers also include tankers that are used fortransport of liquid goods such as crude oil (colloquiallytankers). There are also units adapted totransportation of liquefied gas (gas carriers). Placed goodsis in special cargo spaces. Capacitythe loading space of such ships is up to 600,000 m3.