Our road transport offer includes:

Full and partial neutral loads
ENPIRE Standard transport services are the transportation of neutral full truck loads (FTL) or partial loads (LTL) using trucks, tractors with semi-trailers or sets.

Cooling loads
The ENPIRE Cool service is nothing more than refrigerated transport, i.e. the transport of goods that require special thermal conditions. Cars that carry this type of load for our customers meet all hygiene, thermal, strength and operational requirements.

General cargo and express delivery
Do you have a small load that you want to quickly deliver or pick up from anywhere in the country or Europe? The ENPIRE Bus service is just for you! We offer domestic and international transport of neutral loads with delivery trucks with a maximum total weight of up to 3.5 t and a load capacity of up to approx. 24 m3.

Oversized and heavy loads
Whether domestic or foreign transport – each country has established standards for the dimensions of heavy goods vehicles passing through their area. Freight transports that exceed these standards require appropriate permits and the use of specialized vehicles. This is one of the areas in which we are experts.

Dangerous goods
Transport of ADR loads involves a lot of requirements that must be met by both carriers and goods packaging units. ENPIRE ADR is a service that carries dangerous goods. We have all the permits, a specialized fleet and trained employees, thanks to which we professionally carry out any transport of this type.

Bulk loads
ENPIRE Free is a transport of loose materials (granular or brittle), the measure of which is defined in volume or tonnage units due to the lack of packaging. To perform this service, we use a specialized fleet that has the ability to transport loads in bulk.