You can entrust us

with Your transport

By giving us Your transport you can be sure of its delivery guarantee, at low costs, professional service and keeping deadlines

Aim high with your transport

use our air transport

By using air transport you save on something more valuable than money. You save your time.

Take advantage of the sea of possibilities

direct your transport to the right course

Sea transport is the answer to the needs of long distance transport. We will make sure that Your's goods reach safety to the destination port.


ENPIRE Transport – the road haulage company. Our domain is road haulage, both international and domestic. Our goal – provide the service in such a way as to completely relieve you of the formal part of the transport.

Company is made of people. This is their knowledge, professional competence and involvement that make the company grow. ENPIRE Transport gives high priority to the high level of its employees competence. Flexible approach to every transport allows us to work effectively with companies from various industries, guaranteeing safety and fulfilling all of the custumer’s expectations .

We are a reliable and financially stable company. Taking care of our Subcontractors we have built a professional image and trust, which helps us to negotiate the best rates for you.



Less than Truck Loads and Full Truckloads

ENPIRE Transport offers cargo shipments from anywhere in the world for both Less than Truck Load (LTL) Full Truckload (FTL) delivery options….

Groupage and Express Deliveries

Do you have cargo to send to any place in Europe as soon as possible?

Dangerous substances

You can rest assured that each and every consignment of hazardous freight will always be handled and delivered by our fully ADR-approved carriers..

Cold goods transport

ENPIRE Cool Service is nothing else but refrigerated transport of cold and frozen goods…

Oversized and heavyweight cargos

Moving the cargo across international borders makes the challenge yet more complicated, since apart from domestic laws, international rules and regulations have to be observed…

Bulk cargo

ENPIRE Free means bulk cargo transport. Bulk cargo is cargo that is unpacked (un-bundled or un-bound) and is of the same or a similar kind or nature (homogeneous)…